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UX Design and Development

Codespace brings to the table an innovative approach to building a website for your business, through UX web design and development.

Flexibility, Beauty and Results.

Our sites are attractive, innovative, conversion based and extremely well engineered. From service based websites to complex e-commerce solutions, we work to develop a website that flawlessly operates, reinforces your brand, and delivers on user expectations. At the end of the day, your website will be a marketing asset for your business. We build websites that help you increase your brand awareness, engagement and present your brand in a visually compelling way.

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Your e-commerce presence can be the tip of the spear for customers engaging with your product and your brand. Tying together inventory management, shipping, billing and product analytics can materially drive return on investment. The e-commerce landscape is rapidly evolving and fiercely competitive. Whether you are implementing a new platform, updating existing infrastructure, leverage our experienced team to help you filter out the noise. When you invest in a robust commerce experience, it powers your sales team to be more efficient and spend more time fostering customer relationships. We help you grow sales building loyal and returning customers.

Mobile First

Did you know that more than half of all traffic on the internet is mobile? This is why design that's responsive and mobile-first is critical to the success of your website and online presence. Despite this, an alarming amount of businesses don't have properly responsive websites. We deploy our own and third-party software to ensure a smooth and full experience when you users visit your website on their phone. This ensures that mobile users don't leave without converting simply due to an unpleasant mobile experience.

Hosting, Domains and Transferring

Many web agencies tie you up with their hosting service, making it tricky to make changes without consulting that firm specifically. Not only does this cost you an over-priced amount of money annually, but it also leaves you vulnerable as you have no access to your own data or files. We take a different approach. We don't cement you into our own servers, but nor do we hang you out to dry on your own with all the files we handed you. We take you through the entire process of registering a domain with a good hosting provider allowing you to make future changes without any headaches. In addition to this, if you already have an existing website you wish to rebuild we are fully flexible to not only work with the provider you currently have but also make transfers from one host to another.